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Terms and conditions for Recruiter

Terms and conditions for Recruiter

Royal Jobs India provides placement assistance for millions of unemployed. We provide a simple platform where recruiters can easily search for their desired candidate. Although our aim is to provide you a hassle free and valuable experience, for providing effective services and to avoid the misuse of an open platform, we require all recruiters to abide by our Terms and conditions.

Providing correct and up-to-date information about the organization

Although, the aim of Royal Jobs India is to provide a relaxed platform, we do expect a certain degree of professionalism from recruiters when they provide their organization’s vital information. Keep your profile updated with any relevant changes about address, website url and contact information.

Modifications in the Terms and services for Job Seekers: -

Royal Jobs India reserves the right to modify or add new policies at any time in future. Recruiters are requested to keep an eye on any updated terms and conditions. These changes may be implemented without any prior notification or approval from the Recruiters or concerned people.

Allowed and prohibited content

Do not post any illegal, offensive, threatening, adult oriented and misleading content on the pretext of job opening. Any recruiter found to be posting prohibited content will immediately have their membership cancelled without any prior notification.

Intellectual Property rights

Buying a membership plan from Royal Jobs India does not allow recruiters to use the personal data of job seekers for commercial usage. Moreover, transferring any data from RoyalJobsIndia.com to any other online as well as Offline Avenue is strictly prohibited and may result in legal charges.

Copyright Policy

We sincerely acknowledge the presence and valuable services of other job portals in India. In case they find any listings arrived on Royal Jobs India from their database, they are requested to contact the staff and their listing will be taken off at the earliest. We expect the same level of professional and ethical commitment from their end also in vice versa cases.

Downtime period

There may arise situations which may call for putting Royal Jobs India into offline mode. Such situations are intended to last for a very brief period of time however; Royal Jobs India does not provide any guarantee for the minimum or maximum downtime period. The downtime is unavoidable in times of website update and maintenance schedules.
Apart from the above scenario, the web server can also faced unexpected problems at peak times. In such situation, we highly recommend you to take some moment off and revisit Royal Jobs India. The

Browse Job by Specialism

With so many diverse fields for employment, finding your desired job is really easy. Royal Jobs India receives daily fresh listings for almost all jobs. Major corporate players are looking for their desired candidate on Royal Jobs India. Doesn’t matter if you are experienced or fresher, you can easily find employment through our portal.