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Terms and condition for Job Seeker

Terms and condition for Job Seeker

We value your time and effort to look up for employment opportunities through Royal Jobs India. We are always on the lookout for tweaking our website so as to enhance the user experience. However there are certain terms and conditions that we want you to be aware of. Let us
give you a brief overview.

Authenticity of Job posting: -

Royal Jobs India has laid down strict guidelines for the recruiters. Recruiters are highly warned for posting misleading information on the pretext of Jobs. Our editorial team is always on its toes to look up for such irrelevant postings and any posting found violating the guidelines are removed from our database at the earliest. However, in case you face some undesirable experience due to such misleading listings, Royal Jobs India cannot be held responsible for any such cause. Our aim is simply to provide a relaxed yet professional environment for job seekers and employers.

Providing up to date correct and relevant information:-

We invite top recruiters to search our database for their desirable candidate. The staff takes every possible measure to invite plethora of job opportunities at Royal Jobs India. The least we expect from Job seekers is to have a complete and well displayed Resume for having maximum possibility of getting hired. Keep your resume updated at all times.

Carrying out undesirable activities through Royal Jobs India:-

Royal Jobs India provide an open platform for communication between job seeker and recruiter. Using the website for any undesirable activities of any means is strictly prohibited and will result in consequences of severe legal charges.

Modifications in the Terms and services for Job Seekers: -

Royal Jobs India reserves the right to modify or add new policies at any time in future. Job Seekers are requested to keep an eye on any updated terms and conditions. These changes may be implemented without any prior notification or approval from the Job Seeker and visitors.